About the managed guardian service

The idea for the Managed Guardian Service (MGS) was born out of Envision Blockchain’s work with the open-source version of the Guardian.

In early 2020 Envision Blockchain partnered with Hedera with the goal to build and maintain an open-source platform that allows for the creation and tracking of digital environmental assets. The process by which these assets are created is documented in a manner that is transparent and auditable, so they can be verified by anyone. The Guardian aims to provide a platform for companies looking to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices. Since the launch of the open-source Guardian, a number of companies have become involved as contributors to the open-source Guardian. As adoption began setting in Envision recognized an industry pain point in managing the open-source leading to the development of the Managed Guardian Service.

The goal of the Managed Guardian Service is simple: provide a SaaS which allows application builders to focus on building their applications and policies instead of spending time configuring and managing the Guardian.



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