THE MANAGED GUARDIAN service is live!

The Guardian is an innovative open-source platform that streamlines the creation, management, and verification of digital environmental assets. It leverages a customizable Policy Workflow Engine and Web3 technology to ensure transparent and fraud-proof operations, making it a key tool for transforming sustainability practices and carbon markets.

The Managed Guardian Service Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enables applications a way to mint emissions & carbon offset tokens without worrying about the complexities of managing the technology infrastructure. MGS manages all of the technology infrastructure components so that companies that create applications for policies, emissions reporting, and the creation of offsets & credits can focus on what they do best.


Fast-Track Your Sustainability Goals with MGS

  • Seamless Onboarding: Embark on your sustainability journey with ease. MGS offers a dual-path approach to kickstart your projects. Choose our intuitive user interface for rapid policy development and proof of concepts, or harness the power of our APIs for a bespoke application experience. Secure HTTPS connectivity ensures your data’s safety every step of the way.
  • Customized Solutions: MGS’s tenant-based model offers unmatched flexibility. Craft distinct Guardian-based applications for varied sustainability initiatives, each secured in its own data environment. This unique structure guarantees not only data isolation but also optimized performance tailored to your project’s scale.

Innovate in Sustainability with Confidence

  • Robust and Reliable: Built for continuity, MGS stands resilient against diverse operational demands and unexpected disruptions. Our infrastructure’s high availability and disaster recovery features mean your mission-critical sustainability data is always safe and accessible.
  • Transparent Tokenization: Leveraging the Hedera Token Service, MGS introduces a transparent and verifiable token minting process. Upon policy completion, a unique Hedera message timestamp is created, linking to the Verifiable Presentation (VP) of your token, laying a clear trail from inception to issuance. This trust chain ensures each token’s journey is traceable and accountable, setting a new standard in sustainability reporting.

Empowering Sustainability Innovators

  • Proactive System Monitoring: With our extensive monitoring and alerting system, MGS is always a step ahead. From compute usage to application logs, we keep a vigilant eye on all aspects of the service, ensuring smooth operations and immediate issue resolution.
  • Dedicated Support: Your journey in sustainable technology innovation is supported every step of the way. Our helpdesk, backed by stringent SLAs, is committed to promptly addressing your needs. For those seeking more, Envision Blockchain extends its expertise in Web3 application development, from use case analysis to scaled deployments.



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