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These features, tailored for Registry Administrators, ensure that the platform is not only efficient and transparent but also adaptable to the evolving needs of the carbon market.


Schemas in MGS provide a structured framework that defines and categorizes data. They act as blueprints that ensure consistent data entry, storage, and retrieval.

Benefits for Standard Registries:

  • Consistency & Standardization: With predefined schemas, every project or credit entered into the system adheres to a consistent format, ensuring uniformity across the board.
  • Flexibility: While schemas provide structure, they’re also customizable. This means Verra can adjust them to fit specific requirements or standards without compromising the integrity of the data.
  • Efficient Data Management: Schemas facilitate quicker searches, filtering, and reporting. When every piece of data fits into a known structure, it’s easier to manage and analyze.
Digital Methodologies

Digital Methodologies in MGS are the digitized versions of the various methods used to quantify, monitor, and verify carbon reductions or removals.

Benefits for Standard Registries:

  • Streamlined Verification: By digitizing methodologies, the verification process becomes more efficient. Automated checks can be run against these digital standards, speeding up the MRV process.
  • Transparency & Trust: Stakeholders can easily access and understand the methodologies used. This transparency builds trust in the system and the credits it issues.
  • Easy Updates & Iterations: As science evolves and better methods are developed, digital methodologies can be updated in real-time, ensuring the platform always uses the most current and effective practices.
Digital Asset Lifecycle

This feature allows for the creation (issuance) and nullification (retirement) of environmental assets like carbon credits on the platform.

Benefits for Standard Registries:

  • Immutable Record: Every issuance or retirement action is recorded on the Hedera Hashgraph, providing an unchangeable history. This ensures that once a credit is retired, it can’t be reused or double-counted.
  • Transparency in Transactions: Stakeholders can trace the lifecycle of every credit, from its issuance to its retirement. This transparency ensures credits are legitimate and have real-world impact.
  • Efficiency & Speed: The digital nature of the platform means that issuance and retirement processes that might have taken days or weeks in a traditional system can be completed in minutes or hours.


These features, tailored for Project Developers users, ensure they have tools needed to efficiently manage projects, verify impact, and capitalize on their environmental contributions.

Project Management

Project Proponents can register new projects, update existing ones, and manage all project-related data and documentation in one centralized location.

Benefits for Project Proponents:

  • Centralized Dashboard: A unified interface where proponents can view all their projects, track their status, and access critical data.
  • Streamlined Submission: Simplified processes for submitting new projects or updating information, reducing administrative burdens.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Proponents can track the progress of their projects, from initial registration to credit issuance, ensuring they’re always informed.
Automated MRV

MGS provides tools that automate the MRV process, ensuring that carbon reduction or removal claims are accurate, consistent, and verifiable.

Benefits for Project Proponents:

  • Accuracy & Consistency: Automated tools reduce human error, ensuring that measurements and reports are consistent across projects.
  • Time & Cost Efficiency: Reduces the time and resources traditionally needed for MRV processes, leading to faster project approvals and credit issuances.
  • Transparent Verification: The system provides clear feedback on verification results, allowing proponents to understand and address any issues promptly.
Digital Asset Transactions

Project Proponents are equipped with a digital wallet where they can securely store, transfer, or trade their environmental assets, such as carbon credits.

Benefits for Project Proponents:

  • Secure Storage: The digital wallet provides a safe environment for storing environmental assets, protected by blockchain’s inherent security features.
  • Efficient Transactions: Proponents can quickly transfer or trade assets, with each transaction being recorded on the Hedera Hashgraph for transparency and traceability.
  • Integrated Marketplace: The platform can integrate with various marketplaces, allowing proponents to easily sell or trade their credits, expanding their reach and potential revenue streams.


These features are designed to empower VVBs with tools they need to efficiently and transparently verify projects, ensuring the credibility of environmental assets.

Verification Automation

MGS provides VVBs with a streamlined and automated workflow for the verification process, ensuring that projects meet the required standards before environmental assets are issued.

Benefits for VVBs:

  • Efficiency Boost: Automated workflows reduce manual tasks, allowing VVBs to focus on critical verification aspects.
  • Consistency: Standardized processes ensure that every project is evaluated using the same criteria, promoting fairness and consistency.
  • Real-time Updates: VVBs receive instant notifications on project submissions, changes, or updates, ensuring timely reviews.
Digital Audit Trails & Reporting

Every action, decision, and verification step is digitally recorded, providing VVBs with a comprehensive and transparent audit trail.

Benefits for VVBs:

  • Transparency: All verification steps are transparently logged, ensuring accountability and trust in the verification process.

  • Easy Reporting: Digital records facilitate easy generation of verification reports, aiding in compliance and communication with stakeholders.

  • Historical Data Access: VVBs can quickly retrieve past verification records, aiding in reviews and decision-making.

Communication Channels

MGS offers encrypted communication channels, allowing VVBs to securely communicate with project proponents, standard registries, and other stakeholders.

Benefits for VVBs:

  • Data Protection: Encrypted channels ensure that sensitive data, feedback, and decisions remain confidential.
  • Collaborative Environment: Secure channels facilitate collaborative discussions, document sharing, and joint decision-making.
  • Trust Enhancement: Secure communications bolster trust among stakeholders, ensuring that the verification process remains uncompromised.


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