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Our website’s blog post page provides a forum for disseminating information on the carbon market sector, including news, updates, and thought leadership. Visitors to this page will be able to learn about our methods and approaches for managing carbon assets, as well as the most recent trends and changes in the market. The blog post page provides useful material that will help you keep on the cutting edge, whether you’re a carbon market specialist or just have an interest in the subject.

Announcing Innovations at COP28

Revolutionizing Environmental Asset Management: Discover the Latest Innovations from the Managed Guardian Service at COP28   For the official Press Release click here Introduction The 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP28, marked a pivotal moment...

Managed Guardian Service Beta v2 Release

New features in the Beta v2 Release include enhanced tenant and user administration, complete asset lifecycles, including asset retirement, and much more.   We are pleased to announce the Managed Guardian Service Beta v2’s most recent release. It’s now easier for...

MRV Data and the Cloud

The blog article talks about MRV data, which is data that has been gathered, reported, and verified in accordance with the MRV principles. It is a strategy for assessing how well initiatives, actions, and regulations have an impact on the environment, particularly in...

Newly Launched Service Enables Orgs to Mint Emissions and Offset Tokens to Reduce Fraud in the ESG Industry

The open-source Guardian project built on the Hedera public distributed ledger network enables the creation of a frictionless and fraud-proof ESG carbon offset token economy through auditable, traceable, and reproducible records that document the emission process and...


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