Harnessing Public Ledger Technology for a Greener Future: Insights from the Open-Source Guardian


On this Earth Day, as we take a moment to appreciate the splendor and fragility of our planet, it’s essential to highlight the innovative strides being made in environmental sustainability. The video from Envision Blockchain, illustrates the ambitious project that’s reshaping the approach to environmental integrity through technology: The Guardian.

The Guardian: A Beacon of Innovation

The Guardian, an open-source platform built and maintained by Envision Blockchain, along with community contributions, leverages public ledger technology to revolutionize the way we manage and verify environmental assets. At its core, is a customizable Policy Workflow Engine along with the latest in Web3 technology, which ensures transparent, accountable operations. These principals are crucial in transforming carbon markets and sustainable value chains.

Since its inception in October 2021, The Guardian has been at the forefront of enhancing transparency and accuracy in environmental reporting. Every digital asset, from carbon emissions and offsets to renewable energy certificates, is managed with precision, supported by the platform’s vast digital methodology library, which aims to be the largest of its kind.

Managed Guardian Service

In 2022, leveraging its expertise, Envision Blockchain introduced the Managed Guardian Service (MGS), a SaaS solution tailored for the carbon market and sustainable value chains to simplify environmental application development, offering core Guardian features like the Policy Workflow Engine and W3C libraries on a scalable platform. MGS enables applications a way to mint emissions & carbon offset tokens without worrying about the complexities of managing the technology infrastructure.



Driving Climate Accountability with the DLT Climate Hackathon

A notable highlight thus far in 2024 has been the DLT Climate Hackathon, hosted in collaboration with the DLT Science Foundation and The HBAR Foundation Sustainable Impact Fund. The hackathon challenged participants to utilize The Guardian, either Open-Source or MGS, to further climate accountability through the full digitization and enhancement of methodologies. The event drew 701 registrants, adding over 55 new methodologies to the Guardian’s repository, including Puro Earth, Cercarbono, and VerraStandards SDVista modules.


Advancements and Innovations

Recent months have seen significant technological advancements within the Guardian. Features such as policy deprecation, support for complex geo-spatial data types like geoTIFF, and AI-driven search and project comparison tools, have greatly enhanced the platform’s capability and user experience.


Moreover, The Guardian has introduced business-friendly features like the “Business user schemas MVP,” which simplifies policy development for non-technical users by using familiar tools like Excel. Additionally, the integration of externally-controlled decentralized identifiers (DIDs) has improved security and flexibility in identity management within the platform.


Upcoming Features and Enhancements

Looking ahead, The Guardian is set to implement the “Fireblocks remote signing” feature, which promises even more secure key management options. Furthermore, a revamp of the user roles and permissions model will offer a more nuanced and flexible management system, crucial for maintaining operational integrity.


One of the most significant upcoming features is the “Global environmental/Guardian data search (indexer) component for Hedera and IPFS,” which will enhance the platform’s data management capabilities by enabling efficient querying and analysis across all Guardian instances.


A Call to Action

To us, “every day is Earth Day.” The ongoing developments and the dynamic roadmap of The Guardian illustrate a clear message: technology, when appropriately applied, can significantly bolster our efforts to protect the environment. We are invited to be part of this transformative journey, where innovation meets sustainability, to create a world where technology not only coexists with nature but actively protects it.

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