Welcome to the Managed Guardian Service

The Managed Guardian Service (MGS) provides a SaaS solution for easy lifecycle management of digital emissions and carbon offset assets, freeing companies to focus on their primary objectives.

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Getting Started

Whether you’re new to our platform or looking for a refresher, this guide will walk you through the essential steps to kickstart your journey.

Step 1: Sign Up for Tenant Admin Account
  • Navigate to the MGS website: https://guardianservice.app/
  • Click on “Sign Up” and enter your username, email, password, and agree to the terms of use.
  • Access will be automatically granted upon completion.
Step 2: Admin Login and Tenant Configuration
  • Log in with your Admin credentials.
  • Access the Tenant Admin screen; configure your subscription under the Subscription tab.
  • Navigate to the Tenants tab and click “Add New Tenant” for tenant configuration.
  • Choose your tenant purpose (e.g., production, sandbox) and set configurations like Tenant Name and Network Selection (Testnet, Mainnet, or Previewnet).
Step 3: Selecting IPFS Storage Provider
  • For storing digital environmental assets, select an IPFS Storage Provider, such as Web 3 Storage.
  • Enter necessary API Key and API Proof values (refer to documentation for creation instructions).
Step 4: Inviting Users and Customizing Tenant Branding
  • Use the Users tab to invite new users to your tenant.
  • Customize tenant branding with unique names, colors, logos, and background images.
  • Adjust IPFS Service Providers and modify API keys and proofs as needed.
Step 5: Setting Up a Standard Registry User Account
  • The first user is typically a Standard Registry account. The Standard Registry user establishes methodology requirements and issues tokens.
  • Follow on-screen steps to complete the user profile setup, starting with selecting a vault. The Managed Guardian Service Vault is designed to benefit organizations and individuals looking to for a self-custody option to securely store their user account secrets, such as private keys. Please refer to our MGS Vault documentation for compatible vaults and guides
  • Enter Hedera Account ID and Private Key. If you don’t have one please visit the Hedera Developer Portal and create the Account ID and Private Key. Please remember that when getting your Hedera ID and Private Key from the Hedera Developer Portal, the Managed Guardian Service uses “ED25519” keys. Please ignore “ECDSA” key options.
  • Next, you’ll need to set up your digital identity. You can let MGS create a new DID document for you, or if you have an existing one, you can select the “Bring Your Own DID” option. If you are bringing your own DID, you will need to also enter the DID Keys.
  • Additionally, for the Private Key, you will need to use the “DER Encoded” Private Key and not the “HEX Encoded” Private Key
Fill out the company profile for visibility in the standard registry Hedera topic.
Step 6: Exploring Advanced Features
  • In the side bar, navigate to the Policy tab and the Schemas section to create and manage schemas.
  • Dive into features like Artifacts, Modules, Policies, Tools, and Tokens.
  • Learn to create policies from scratch or import them using the Policies tab.
  • Use Dry Run mode to test policies in a simulated environment. Create virtual users and interact with policies as real-world users would.
  • Publish your policies for interaction by Policy users.
  • Invite Policy users to your tenant for submitting MRV data and interacting with published policies.
Step 7: Setting Up Policy User Account
  • Similar to steps 4 and 5, Policy users need to be invited, and will also need to follow the steps to finish setting up their user account. Policy users then engage with the specific Standard Registry and interact with policies.
  • Explore the List of Tokens and Policies tabs to associate with tokens and access published policies.
  • Use advanced search features for finding relevant policies for MRV activities.
Step 8: Use the MGS Custom GPT Assistant
  • Feel free to use the Managed Guardian Service custom GPT here. The Managed Guardian Service (MGS) Custom GPT is a specialized AI assistant designed to facilitate users in understanding and utilizing the Managed Guardian Service platform. This tool represents an advanced version of ChatGPT, customized specifically to cater to the needs of users engaging with MGS. It has been meticulously programmed with a comprehensive range of MGS-related documentation, policies, and operational guidelines.

Hedera Guardian

Since 2020, the open-source Guardian, maintained by Envision Blockchain with support from the HBAR Foundation and Swirlds Labs, has utilized the Hedera public network to enable transparent, auditable, and traceable documentation of the emission process and lifecycle of digital environmental tokens. In 2021, leveraging its expertise, Envision Blockchain introduced the Managed Guardian Service (MGS), a SaaS solution tailored for the carbon market to simplify environmental application development, offering core Guardian features like the Policy Workflow Engine and W3C libraries on a scalable platform. MGS, launched in 2022, supports organizations in creating traceable environmental tokens on Hedera’s ledger, advancing global sustainability efforts.


Leverage DLT to revamp climate accounting.

Foster a sustainability ecosystem ripple effect.

Amplify climate initiative impact and reach.

Target global benefits for organizations and Earth.


Effortless Onboarding

Jumpstart your sustainability projects with MGS’s dual-path onboarding (UI & API) and secure data handling.

Flexible Solutions

MGS’s tenant-based model ensures flexibility, enabling diverse sustainability efforts.



Unmatched Reliability

With MGS, your critical sustainability data is always scalable, protected and accessible.

Transparent Sustainability

The Guardian’s tokenization process ensures each token’s journey is clear and accountable.

Dedicated Support

MGS’s help desk and Guardian expertise ensure your sustainability journey is fully supported.


Continuous Oversight

MGS monitors system performance and provides Guardian upgrades, ensuring seamless performance.


Learn about the latest product updates and webinars

Guardian analytics: Track Usage Across the Ecosystem

Dive into a comprehensive view of all Guardian usage across the Hedera Testnet and Mainnet. With our daily analytics, you can explore trends, monitor performance, and gain insights like never before.

Plans for Teams of All Sizes

Discover the perfect Managed Guardian Service (MGS) plan that fits your needs. Our side-by-side comparison makes it easy to see the features included in our Free and Custom plans, helping you make an informed decision. Whether you’re just starting out or require a more comprehensive solution, we’ve got you covered.

MGS – Your Gateway to Digital Environmental Asset Management

The Managed Guardian Service (MGS) is a dynamic platform designed for Registry Administrators, Project Developers, and VVBs, streamlining the management, verification, and transaction of environmental assets. It caters to the carbon market’s evolving needs with tools for efficiency, transparency, and adaptability, ensuring the integrity and maximization of environmental contributions.

Registry Admins

Features tailored for Registry Administrators, ensure that the platform is not only efficient and transparent but also adaptable to the evolving needs of the carbon market.

Project Participants

Features tailored for Project Developers users, ensure they have tools needed to efficiently manage projects, verify impact, and capitalize on their environmental contributions.

Verification & Validation Bodies

Features designed to empower VVBs with tools they need to efficiently and transparently verify projects, ensuring the credibility of environmental assets.

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