THE MANAGED GUARDIAN service is live!

The Guardian is an open-source tool that leverages the Hedera public distributed ledger network to mint emissions and carbon offset tokens. It provides auditable, traceable, and reproducible records that document the emission process and lifecycle of carbon credits, which reduce fraud in the ESG market.

The Managed Guardian Service Software as a Service (SaaS) enables applications a way to mint emissions & carbon offset tokens without worrying about the complexities of managing the technology infrastructure. MGS manages all of the technology infrastructure components so that companies that create applications for policies, emissions reporting, and the creation of offsets & credits can focus on what they do best.


INSTANTLY get started using the guardian

The Managed Guardian Service is a hosted environment where we provide you with resources, tools, and support. Once registered for the Managed Guardian Service, users will be given two options to get started. One option is to use a simple user interface to develop policies and run proof of concepts quickly. The other option are APIs for a fully customizable application experience.

EASILY mint and retire discoverable emission & offset tokens

The token minting process uses the Hedera Token Service and occurs when a policy is fully validated and approved, whereupon the guardian creates a unique Hedera Hashgraph message timestamp, which includes the URL of the Verifiable Presentation (VP) associated with the token. The VP can serve as a starting point from which you can traverse the entire sequence of documents produced by Guardian policy workflow, which led to the creation of the token. MGS also enables the retirement of offsets via smart contracts.

business ready & DEVELOPER FRIENDLY

The Guardian includes best-in-class identity management built to W3C specifications and Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT) libraries along with a sophisticated Policy Workflow Engine (PWE) that enables applications a way to offer requirements-based tokenization implementations without worrying about the complexities. The Managed Guardian Service manages all of the necessary infrastructures to leverage the Guardian in a SaaS environment. From cloud components to web3 components, the Managed Guardian Service is business ready and developer friendly.

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